EPDM Roof Repair & Installation

An EPDM Roof

A Premium Commercial Option

EPDM membrane rubber roof installation is becoming a much more popular option for commercial property owners around Castle Rock, CO. We are offering great deals on EPDM roofing that matches or beat many other commercial roofing prices per square foot. That’s more money you can invest in other areas of your business. Even with the costs savings, you’re still getting a high-quality roof that looks great and gets the job done. EPDM is very lightweight compared to other commercial roof solutions. It can accommodate loads like HVAC systems, and its lighter weight reduces the total bear on your building to reduce strain over the years. We specialize in finding ways to make your roof last longer and look better. Talk to a specialist at Simple Roofing and Exteriors to hear more about a custom roof plan for you. Book an appointment with one of our expert roofers by calling 303-500-1807 today!

The Benefits of EPDM Roofing Installation

We’ve already mentioned weight as one of the major benefits of EPDM membrane rubber roof installation, but there’s more!

One reason that commercial property owners in Castle Rock, CO choose EPDM is that it requires very little maintenance. You simply apply high-quality protective sealing, and you’re done. You won’t have to deal with mildew or any of the other gradual decay in other types of roofing like asphalt. Finally, EPDM is extremely durable. It can withstand large swings in temperatures because of its rubber material. You’ll get more life out of your roof, especially in this area where we experience hot and cold seasons.

Simple Roofing and Exteriors is here to fix repairs, install a new roof, or work with you on a roof restoration. We work around the clock and are local, so that means we can get to you quickly after you call and start work immediately. Eliminate the stress of owning commercial property by working with a contractor that cares and will go the extra mile to get the job done correctly.

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