Stone Coated Steel Roofing

stone coated steel

Increased Roof Durability & Performance

Simple Roofing and Exteriors delivers stone coated steel shingles designed to look like traditional shingle roofing with added durability and protection. For homeowners and multi-family owners in the greater Castle Rock, CO area, we offer great deals on stone coated steel roof installations and repairs to make your roof last longer and deliver the performance you deserve. Traditional asphalt shingle roofs look nice, but the material wears thin over time. Property owners are constantly dealing with replacements, loose shingles, and leaks from crumbling or aging asphalt. With this new modern roofing material, you get more years of high-level performance you can trust. Our team of experienced roofing technicians will be happy to talk you through the benefits of stone coated steel roofing and help you decide whether it’s the upgrade you need. We are a leading local roofing contractor ready to support you the best we can. Schedule an appointment with one of our roofing technicians today by calling 303-500-1807! We’re here to answer any questions you have and get the process started now!

The Benefits of Stone Coated Steel Roofing

Stone coated steel roof tiles have become significantly more popular in recent years. People still like the look of asphalt shingle roofing; only these newer tiles add strength and performance while still being affordable. They don’t leave any gaps or screws exposed in your roof, making them watertight, so they prevent leaks better than other roofs.

Most of our residential and commercial clients in Castle Rock, CO are surprised at just how far the roofing industry has come in recent years. Innovations like this make roofing better, and we have the resources and tools to get the job done correctly. We can send a team to your property to look at your roof and discuss a custom roofing plan that fits your needs.

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Talk to us about how we can get started on stone coated steel roofing in Castle Rock, CO that will look great and stand the test of time. These roofs are easy to install, and quality is second to none. Talk to us about what you need by calling 303-500-1807, and we’ll book you an appointment with one of our roofing teams!