Residential Roofing Installation

residential roof installation

Custom New Roof Plans for Your Property

There’s nothing like a beautiful, custom new roof! At Simple Roofing and Exteriors, we love installing high-quality roofs for homeowners and commercial property owners across Castle Rock, CO. If you’re building a new home or looking for an upgrade to your business’ roof, then you’re in the right place! Our team of roofing technicians has years of experience building plans and executing new commercial and residential roof installation projects in Castle Rock, CO. We’ve got you covered from start to finish with a team of experts that cares about results. We are the leading choice for a roofing contractor in the area, offering a fantastic mix of quality and price on a range of materials and build styles. Find out about the options you have for your roof, and get the help you need to decide on the best path forward. In no time, you’ll have an exquisite roof that looks great and does its job the way it’s supposed to for years on end. Hear more about why we’re the #1 roofer in the region, and let’s get started on a new roof plan today! Call us now at 303-500-1807 to book an appointment with one of our roofers or to get a no-obligation estimate over the phone!

Superior Residential Roof Installation Services

Modern roofs do a great job of protecting your property while adding to its exterior appeal. Homeowners in Castle Rock, CO want a roof that looks lovely and performs at a high level reliably for years. A roof is a big investment and has a big impact on how your home looks and things like insulation to help keep utility costs in control. Done right, you’ll love coming home or leaving because your house is something you can be proud of owning. At Simple Roofing and Exteriors, we’re deeply committed to getting you there. We enjoy delighting our clients with custom roofing that looks amazing and gets the job done.

Talk to us about different roof materials like:

  • Asphalt
  • Tile
  • Standing Seam Metal Roofs

We have a variety of roof types to fit any budget or performance needs. We can send a team to your home to inspect your roof and discuss options, or we can give you a free estimate over the phone. We work with individual property owners and developers in the area on new roof installations that look great and provide the stability you need.

Commercial Roof Installation

When it comes to your business, you need a roof that works and keeps facility costs in line with expectations. No business wants to spend more money on their roof than they have to. At the same time, investing in a quality roof may cost more initially, but it pays dividends for years in terms of deferred maintenance and utility cost savings. Discover how we help local businesses save money long-term with high-quality roofing. As a local business ourselves, Simple Roofing and Exteriors knows how important it is to make the right investments. Our team will work with you to develop the right roofing plan that gives you the savings and performance you need.

We offer:

  • New Roof Coatings
  • Flat Roof Installation
  • Silicone Roofing
  • Elastomeric Roofing
  • Acrylic Roofing
  • Modified Bitumen Roof Installation
  • Built Up Roofing
  • Cool Roofs
  • Commercial Foam Roofing
  • Metal Roofing
  • Roof Membranes (TPM, EPDM, PVC)

These are just some of the commercial services we provide. Modern roofing solutions exist that can reduce repairs and prevent emergencies that throw a wrench in operations. Get the peace of mind you deserve knowing your commercial property’s roof is in good hands. Trust the experts at Simple Roofing and Exteriors to get the job done right!

Call Today

Call us now at 303-500-1807 to learn more about our roof installations services in Castle Rock, CO and schedule an appointment with one of our roofing teams! We have the expertise and resources you need for a high-quality roof that will last for decades. All of our roofing work is backed by our 100% service guarantee!