SPF Spray Foam Roofing

A Contractor Sprays on Foam Roofing

Refresh Your Roof

Breathe new life into your commercial roof with professional spray foam roofing. You don’t need to rip out your old roof, and foam roofing gives you a clean, protective layer that will last for years. Foam roofs are a fantastic option for businesses and other commercial property owners because they offer a single, seamless layer of protection to prevent leaks. Dirt and other debris can’t get inside your roof to cause rapid decay, which means your roof will likely last years longer. You’ll have more money to spend on your business rather than paying for a roof replacement. At Simple Roofing and Exteriors, we deliver high-quality spray foam roofing services in Castle Rock, CO at an affordable cost to clients in the area. We’re a local roofing contractor with years of experience working on every type of roof. We can send a team to your property to discuss your options with you and help you build a plan to keep your roof in great shape for longer. Call us now at 303-500-1807 to learn more about any of our commercial roofing services and schedule an appointment with an expert roofer!

The Benefits of Spray Foam Roofing

Avoid paying for a new roof and save a ton of money with commercial spray foam roofing. Foam roofing goes onto your existing roof and is a single layer of foam that stops water intrusion and reflects the sun. It’s a great way to insulate your building without significant renovations. We offer custom foam roofing to fit around any pipes, vents, air conditioners, etc., already on your roof. That’s one of the great things about spray foam roofing – it can fit and mold around your structure as it is now.

Foam roofing also lowers your utility costs starting immediately. It’s a cool roof solution that lowers your energy use by as much as 50%! Over time, that’s significant savings to most commercial property owners . Talk to the team at Simple Roofing and Exteriors to hear more about spray foam roofing in Castle Rock, CO! Schedule an appointment now by calling 303-500-1807 today and we’ll get things started!